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2013 MINT 400 Race Report

- The 2013 General Tire Mint 400 was held March 23rd in Jean Nevada -

Of the 30 entries in class 1000 Team SABINA would be the 5 race car to leave the line. Adam Tjelmeland would drive the first half of the race with Ron Markegard riding shot gun. Then Vince Tjelmeland would be getting in, to do the driving chores and Sue Tjelmeland would be handling the navigations. 

Off the line Adam and Ron had a nice smooth pace, until mile 13. At mile 13 the steering rack bracket tore apart leaving them with no steering. Adam and Ron were able to remove the right front steering tie rod and limp the car back to the main pits. At the main pits the team completely disassembled the front steering and fabricated a new bracket. TYLER was able to weld the parts back together in record time. Adam was now down almost 3 hours to the leaders, but he had a race car again. He and Ron were able to reenter the race and complete their first lap.  

 At the end of lap one it was decided that Vince would get in the car and run lap 2 with Ron as navigator. The sun was setting and Sue had not seen the race track yet, so Ron would have some familiarity with where they were driving.  But as the race car pulled in, it was discovered that a rear main control arm PIVOT bolt had sheared off and ripped out the bracket. So more repairs were necessary before Vince could head out on LAP 2. The repairs took 2 hours, and off when Vince and Ron. Their lap was fairly uneventful. The course was completely destroyed by all the race vehicles and there were broken cars littered about the race course. At the end of lap 2, time had run out and Team SABINA only completed two laps, but was still credited with 15th place out of 30 cars, so the hard work getting the race car back into the race twice did help TEAM SABINA move up in the rankings.