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Parker 425 Race Results
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Team Sabina raced the legendary Best In the Desert (BITD) Parker 425 last Saturday, February 2, 2013.  The weather was perfect for a desert race.  A very light breeze and the ground was still wet from of all the rain the week before.


There were 85 class 1 and Trophy trucks starting in front of our 50 class 10 cars.  A record setting, huge field of competitors!  1088 would be starting 24th with our driver, Adam Tjelmeland and co-driver, Shane Lapka.      Adam and Shane would be starting and driving the first lap and a half and then Vince Tjelmeland and his wife, Sue, would finish the second and third laps.


Adam and Shane started 24th in class and when they went by us at the 53 mile mark they were 13th in class.  Running well and very conservatively, we were all cheering.   But, our good luck did not last long.  About mile 75, the brand new fuel rail….. on the brand new engine sprung a leak.    Adam felt the engine start to lose power on the top end, so he and Shane stopped to inspect the car.  When they found the fuel leak, they drove to mile 95 to a BAJA PITS and the guys there did a great job with JB weld stopping the leak.  They continued to the main pits at start/finish.  There, the team desperately searched for a replacement fuel rail, asking many of the pits that had already ended their race due to a myriad of issues.  To no avail, the crew did an awesome fix with the JB Weld, Teflon Tape, Hose Clamp – a true MacGyver “desert pit” fix (we only lacked bubble gum!) and Adam and Shane headed back out on lap two. 


As Adam headed for the handoff to Vince, he still felt that the engine had lost some power and was not pulling like she did at the beginning.    But, at Mile 53, Sue and Vince jumped into the car at the Baja Pits and took off with smiles on their faces and ready to at least, just nurse the car home.     Sadly, some 25 more miles and the engine was starting to overheat, miss and push water out the tail pipe.    A sure sign that sadly, a head gasket had let go and our day was done.   


A disappointing start to a new season but there is always a silver lining in the dark clouds.  Desert racing is truly a wonderful sport filled with awesome people, especially when you can break down in the middle of seemingly “no-where,” but, alas, on the hillside were a group of spectators and a BITD official who were able to radio updates, offer us water for our overheated car and even said – “hey, if it gets late, we’re having Chili for dinner….and, we’ve got Beer!”     Special thanks to the spectators (insert names) who were kind enough to help us by towing us back to the road to meet our pit crew. 


And, on an even brighter side, our car pulled as good as anyone on the high speed sections and the shock work we have been doing with Jeff from McKenzie’s was awesome!  
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