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Robert Merritt is currently working for Intuit software firm managing large construction projects after several years as the enterprise data center operations manager.

His interest in cars and racing goes back to teenage motor cross racing days that were derailed by a career in the US Navy. He served 23 years as helicopter pilot logging most of his flight time in a CH/MH-53E Sea Stallion and retiring in March of 2000 after settling in San Diego, Ca. Always fascinated with road racing and extremely strong support from his wife Cairy Ann he began a purposeful 9 years of training before trying his hand with his 1986 RALT RT/5. He has taken courses at the Skip Barber racing school in Monterey, the Porsche Driving School in Birmingham Alabama and participated in a number of other Mercedes, Ferrari & Porsche driving events including a 3-year stint working at The San Diego Mercedes dealership. He also spent (2) summers racing 100cc go karts in Murrieta before trying larger cars and ultimately testing the RALT with Sabina Precision Prep in spring of 2012. After purchasing the car, he is now in his 2nd year of racing under the guidance and care of Vince Tjelmeland and Bob Morris at Sabina racing.

Robert couldn’t be happier to be an ongoing client of Sabina Precision Preparation and his planning to compete in a full racing season of 10+ events, each of the next several years. For referral or other general questions, Robert’s Contact information is available from Vince Tjelmeland.

Robert Merritt - Biography